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Forget about celebrity keynotes and marketing jargon –SAP TechEd && d-code focuses on learning, live coding and collaboration opportunities, new tools, and training to help you meet the real challenges you face every day. The program builds on the excellence of SAP TechEd, delivering the technical hands-on sessions, demo-rich lectures, product road map Q&A sessions, and expert networking you’ve come to expect from SAP’s premier technology education event.

Don't miss a week of inspiration, education, and hands-on training. You'll leave with amazing new ideas, tools, and friends – and new energy for shaping the future of your company and its customers.

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Las Vegas Oct. 20–24, 2014

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Other SAP TechEd && d-code conferences:
Shanghai: March 13–14, 2014
Berlin: November 11–13, 2014
Bangalore: Q1 2015

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HP is committed to helping clients get the best results from their SAP investment, enabled by industry-leading hardware, software, and services solutions.

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